Blood sugar control,Diabetes Remission,Diabetes Prevention,Diabetes complications screening.

It's important for people with diabetes to work closely with their healthcare team to manage their blood sugar levels and to undergo regular screening for complications. Early detection and treatment can help prevent or delay the onset of these complications.

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Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a way to track blood sugar levels in real-time using a small device that is inserted under the skin. CGM systems use a small sensor that measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid (fluid that surrounds the cells) and transmit this data wirelessly to a receiver or a smartphone app. The CGM system provides a continuous stream of glucose readings throughout the day and night, allowing people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels more frequently than traditional fingerstick testing. CGM systems can provide a variety of information such as glucose trends, rate of change, and alerts for high or low glucose levels.

We regularly serve people with diabetes to identify patterns of blood sugar and make adjustments to their insulin doses, diet, and exercise to better manage their diabetes by using the CGMS. We use it regularly in patients with diabetes having frequent low sugar problem.

Patient Reviews

Somesh Patil Sapkal

The hospital offers excellent quality hygiene and treatment. Doctors treat each patient very well.

Parthasarthi Joshi

Very much satisfied with the results.. Was able to loose almost 12 kg weight within 3 months..

Swati Pawar

Doctor is very knowledgeable, polite and soft spoken.

Vaibhav Ganesh Hamand

Too much knowledgeable Doctor and very good treatment

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