Blood sugar control,Diabetes Remission,Diabetes Prevention,Diabetes complications screening.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and uncontrolled, diabetes can lead to a number of complications that can affect various parts of the body. It can affect the retina, nerves, kidney, foot, heart, brain etc.

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We have nonmydriatic fundus camera, biothesiometer, podoscan, ECG machine. We routinely screen patients with diabetes for the complications of diabetes at our clinic. We have screened thousands of patients for diabetes complications and helped them to detect the complications at an early stage and have carried out appropriate management.

Patient Reviews

Somesh Patil Sapkal

The hospital offers excellent quality hygiene and treatment. Doctors treat each patient very well.

Parthasarthi Joshi

Very much satisfied with the results.. Was able to loose almost 12 kg weight within 3 months..

Swati Pawar

Doctor is very knowledgeable, polite and soft spoken.

Vaibhav Ganesh Hamand

Too much knowledgeable Doctor and very good treatment

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